DoD Guide to Integrated Product and Process Development

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Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
(Acquisition and Technology)
Washington, DC 20301-3000


Reform of the acquisition process is now a driving force in the Department of Defense. A number of specific acquisition reform initiatives have been conceived, some borrowed from industry, and briefed at the highest levels of Government. Many have been mandated by the Secretary of Defense, Dr.William Perry, implemented by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, Dr.Paul Kaminski, the Services, and some have been enacted by Congress. One such initiative borrowed from industry that will fundamentally change the way the Department does business is Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD).

IPPD is a widely defined management technique normally implemented by Integrated Product Teams (IPTs). IPPD is currently in growing use in many commercial and government organizations. This guide has been written to serve as a primer for the Defense Acquisition Workforce to foster, facilitate and understand the use of IPPD. It’s focus is how industry implements IPPD and how this impacts the DoD’s role in the acquisition process and the program office interfaces with their industrial counterparts. It is a non-directive “living document” that contains industry and government best practices acquired from a survey regarding IPPD implementation.

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