PPA-003914-1 - Verification Requirements Specification (VRS)

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The Verification Requirements Specification (VRS) describes the qualities of the evidence required
that a set of requirements defining an item is satisfied. The item may be of any nature whatsoever,
ranging from, for example, a physical object, to software, to an interface, to a data item, to a material,
or to a service.

The VRS is used to communicate to verification design personnel the characteristics required of any
verification solution, i.e. the VRS is a major input to the development of test procedures and other
means of verification. The VRS also provides the criteria against which test, and other verification
procedures, may themselves be verified.

The VRS is not a list of verification methods, unless the only requirement regarding each verification
activity is that it be performed in a particular way, i.e. a verification solution direction.