Global Hawk Systems Engineering Case Study

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Other Transactions Authority (OTA). The HAE program had been classified as a Pilot Acquisition Program under Public Law 101-189, Section 2371, Title 10, United States Code (USC), and under Section 845 of the 1994 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (Public Law 103-160). ... read more

Global Hawk Systems Engineering Case Study

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Other Transactions Authority (OTA). The HAE program had been classified as a Pilot Acquisition Program under Public Law 101-189, Section 2371, Title 10, United States Code (USC), and under Section 845 of the 1994 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (Public Law 103-160). ... read more

Hubble Space Telescope Systems Engineering Case Study

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The systems engineering case studies will assist in discussion of both successful and unsuccessful methodologies, processes, principles, tools, and decision material to assess the outcome of alternatives at the program/system level. In addition, the importance of using skills from multiple professions and engineering disciplines and collecting, assessing, and integrating varied functional data will be emphasized. When they are taken together, the student is provided real-world, detailed examples of how the process attempts to balance cost, schedule and performance. ... read more

International Space Station Systems Engineering Case Study

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The International Space Station (ISS) traces its heritage back to early plans for the United States Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) program to the US Skylab, the Shuttle’s Space Lab and then through the multiple Soviet space stations culminating in the Mir. With the successful development and launch of the Space Shuttle, the United States was ready to take on a much larger space station concept. In the fall of 1985, NASA put together a plan for a dual-keel design with multiple US, European and Japanese research modules along with Canada’s planned Mobile Servicing System. ... read more

Global Positioning System, System Engineering Case Study

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The systems engineering process changes as the program progresses from one phase to the next, as do tools and procedures. The process also changes over the decades, maturing, growing, and evolving from the base established during the conduct of past programs. Systems engineering has a long history. Examples can be found demonstrating application of effective engineering and engineering management, as well as poorly applied, but well-defined processes. ... read more

DAU Role in Transformation of DOD

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• DAU South Region Campus expanded to over 35,000 sq ft
• Adjacent to Redstone Arsenal, MDA, SMDC and Marshall Space Flight
• 65 Faculty and Staff
•eLearning Resource Center, fitness center, class rooms, all purpose room,
conferencing and break out rooms.
• Satellite Campus at Eglin AFB, FL


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The Joint Staff directorate, combatant command staff, or joint activity
having functional responsibility will identify requirements for JM&S. As a joint
force command of USJFCOM, JWFC will provide expertise, advisory support,
and strategic planning support within the joint training community on model
and simulation issues through J-7 to the Joint Staff M&S focal point. DISA,
the C4ISR Decision Support Center, and the Joint C4ISR Battle Center will
collect, coordinate, and submit requirements, goals, objectives, and programs ... read more


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JOINT DOCTRINE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM 5120_02B.pdf758.68application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Use of approved joint doctrine during contingency and crisis action
planning facilitates both planning for and the execution of operations.
Planning for joint operations is continuous across the full range of military
operations using two closely related, integrated, collaborative, and adaptive
processes -- the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) and
the joint operation planning process (JOPP). JOPES and JOPP share the same
basic approach and problem-solving elements, such as mission analysis and
COA development. ... read more


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JOINT LESSONS LEARNED PROGRAM 3150_25D.pdf161.21application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

a. JLLP participants support the priorities and equities of their host
organization and, when appropriate, will contribute information, data, and
lessons learned that are germane to improving joint capabilities and readiness.
b. The JLLP is comprised of distributed lesson learned organizations at the
Joint Staff, combatant command, Service, and CSA level (Figure A-1). While
these entities have primary areas of focus, they are neither constrained from
investigating other areas of focus when necessary nor rigidly separated by
process or activity. ... read more


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The Department of Defense (DoD) continues to develop and acquire joint systems and to deliver needed capabilities to the warfighters. With a constant objective to improve and mature the acquisition process, it continues to pursue new and creative methodologies to purchase these technically complex systems. A sound systems engineering (SE) process, focused explicitly on delivering and sustaining robust, high-quality, affordable products that meet the needs of customers and stakeholders must continue to evolve and mature. ... read more


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Scope and Applicability. This instruction applies to all Naval SYSCOMs and their affiliated PEOs, consistent with the scope of references (a) and (b) and within the implementation of references (c) through (m). This instruction does not apply to Operational Risk Management per OPNAV Instruction 3500.39B, or to the exclusions listed in reference (b), which includes all matters under the cognizance of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Directorate (SEA 08). ... read more

Parts Derating Requirements and Application Manual for Navy Electronic Equipment

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As in the case of discrete transistors, manufacturers do not agree on power supply labeling for
ICs. Some manufacturers use V+ to indicate the positive voltage and V- to indicate the negative
voltage, whereas another manufacturer might use the symbols VEE and VCC to represent negative
and positive respectively. Thus, the IC data sheet must be studied carefully before connecting
any power source. Typically, digital IC power supplies must be kept within + 5 to + 10 percent,
whereas linear ICs will generally operate satisfactorily with power sources of + 20 percent. ... read more

Application and Analysis of the Friedman-Sage Framework for Case Studies of Systems Engineering and Management

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NDIA SE Conf05 Case Study Brief v4.pdf778.77application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

LP #1. Systems requirements need to integrate the User (warfighter),
planners, developers, and technologists into a well-balanced, wellunderstood
set of requirements

Working Group Report System Development Performance Measurement

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In September 2010, the NDIA Systems Engineering Division and Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM) sponsored a working group to consider these issues and provide recommendations on a set of information needs, leading indicators, and measures for use by both acquirers and suppliers to obtain better insight into program status and risks to aid ongoing communication and to provide input to decision-making at key program milestones and decision points. ... read more

Top Software Engineering Issues within Department of Defense and Defense Industry

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NDIA Top SW Issues 2010 Report v5a final.pdf99.39application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

The following main points provide amplification of this issue:

 Acquisition and development processes must be more responsive to urgent mission needs to deliver
capabilities to the field more quickly. The current DoD acquisition environment is not well-suited to address
these needs, and agility can be encumbered by mismatches in processes, terminology, milestones, and
management methods.
 Prioritization of capabilities within an aggressive deployment schedule requires cooperative engagement
between the acquirer, developer, and warfighter. ... read more

Spectrum Architecture

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The clear difference between Level 2 and Level 1 is that is possible to infer the approximate locations of the systems that transmit on the different frequencies. Knowing that certain types of equipment tend to use certain frequency ranges, and that certain types of equipment are favoured for different military
application, it is possible to further infer what is going on in the various areas of the map. None of this is beyond the wit of even the poorest funded intelligence agency to infer, so it is clearly information that needs to be protected. ... read more

System of Systems & Industry Feedback

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•Functional Interface
–Hydraulic, Pneumatic
–Optical, Electro-Optical
–Man Machine
•Physical Interface
-Size, weight, CG, mounting, access
•Environmental Interface

Theater Battle Management Core System, Systems Engineering Case Study

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The lessons learned from TBMCS can be directly applied to other software-intensive programs that require the integration of vast numbers of third-party products with government-furnished equipment (GFE), such as hardware and communications. The key lesson is that there is no substitute for a well-defined systems engineering process. In the case of TBMCS, external influences drove a relaxation of discipline and rigor in the systems engineering process. ... read more

FPGA RF Transceiver Development based on UML / MDA Approach

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Thales FGPA MDA session2_1.pdf689.11application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Process must help to produce the right product, e.g. corresponding to the customer needs
Intentions of the designers must be clear in order to quickly and easily make changes (improvements or faults)
A good process must help to plan and estimate the work, costs and risks.
Ad hoc processes are not replicable. It is much faster and easier to adapt an existing process model
Ensure the product satisfies customer’s desires
Modeling process help its improvement
•Tracking ... read more


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This regulation assigns responsibilities and establishes policies that U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and non-TRADOC proponents must follow to develop concepts, conduct experiments, identify gaps in capability, and develop resource-informed, integration-focused, outcome-based (RIO) doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities (DOTMLPF) solutions to address gaps requiring mitigation or closure. ... read more

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