Goddard Procedural Requirements (GPR)

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The systems engineering effort is distributed across the many system elements that comprise the mission. The coordination of the many disciplines needed to develop, implement, and deliver the elements, and integrate them into an operational system, is both the great challenge and the great reward of systems engineering. ... read more


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MSFC-PLAN-3204, Marshall Space Flight Center Software Engineering Improvement Plan.pdf122.93application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

The following list is a set of objectives for FY04/05. A main objective for FY04/05 is to
improve MSFC software acquisition practices and insight practices. Section 5 correlates
the MSFC FY04/05 objectives and the associated products to the Strategy Areas of the
NASA Software Engineering Initiative.
a. Transition from Software CMM to CMMI for software as a guide for software
improvement activities.
b. For software development projects:
(1) Determine deficiencies perceived by project management.
(2) Determine strategy and set priorities to address software engineering
deficiencies. ... read more


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As a general rule, the number of engineers and engineering sub-disciplines needed to
develop a particular instrument system is determined by its performance requirements as
well as whether the work remains in-house or is contracted out-of-house. For larger,
more complex instruments requiring a variety of engineered sub-system components, the
integration and coordination of project sub-teams is essential. This increasingly critical
role is performed by a small, uniquely skilled group of individuals known as Systems ... read more

NASA GSFC Code 560 (Electrical Engineering Division) Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control Plan

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To determine the control measures needed for each sensitivity class, an ESD
requirements matrix was developed. The matrix is separated into two categories: 1)
research and development applications (non-space-flight), Table 2, and 2) space
flight/potential space flight applications, Table 3.

The research and development matrix shows the minimum requirements needed for parts
or assemblies being tested for research or self-training. The space flight/potential space
flight matrix, however, requires more stringent requirements to ensure that flight parts are ... read more

AATT National Airspace System Operational Concept Description (Volume I)

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This Operational Concept Description (OCD) provides an evolutionary concept of operations for
the National Airspace System (NAS) and an overview of the proposed enhancements to future
NAS operations. The operational concept presented is built on the foundation of the 1997,
2000, 2001 and 2002 versions of the Advanced Air Transportation Technologies (AATT)
Operational Concept (References 1,2,3, and 4). It highlights the potential changes and
modifications to the NAS in a way that is easily identified by the reader. This document clearly ... read more

Systems Engineering Guideline Development Overview

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•Failure Review Boards have consistently pointed to lack of SE
−Space Shuttle Columbia Accident
•“Organizational causes of this accident …cultural traits …detrimental to safety …allowed to develop including: …reliance on past success as a substitute for sound engineering practices …”-CAIB, Executive

−Mars Climate orbiter (MCO)
•“…., the root cause was not caught by the processes in place in the MCO project …”-MCO Mission failure Investigation Board
−Other Recent NASA Projects: ... read more

Systems engineering

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Conversely, traditional systems
engineers use deductive reasoning
and analytical tools derived from hard
science and mathematics to analyze and trade
options to develop system concepts. Now, however,
increasingly complex systems are presenting
more options than can be realistically analyzed
and traded.

So, as system complexity increases, the systems
architect becomes more important. Systems
engineers and others who develop today’s
system architectures must study architecture
processes and heuristics and develop their inductive
reasoning ability in recognition of the ... read more

NASA Software Documentation Standard Appendix D

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NASA Software Documentation Standard: NASA-STD-2100-91

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Software Engineering Program


Approved: July 29, 1991

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
Washington, DC 20546

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