For any other standard that do not belong in a known standards group.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC)

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Example unit_test_plan.pdf557.71application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

The Unit Test will cover the following high-level requirements for FASS Release
• Modify the Data Collection Form, Financial Statement Line Item G3000-010 to have a
description of Fund Opinion(s) and G3000-060 & 070 to reflect the wording, “Fund Type
& Opinion of the fund containing…” to the title headings.
• Allow analysts to review prior years submission comments while still reviewing the
current year’s submission
• Modify the Data Collection Form, Line Item # 4200-050 so that the user must select N/A
if Line Item 4200-010 has no selected. ... read more

SE Implementation at EADS

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No piloting phase: Start with new projects
No more hardcopies: All procedures available on Intranet
Comprehensive implementation strategy
Management Sponsorship (through all levels)
Definition of agreement on goals at all levels & incentives
Involvement of people throughout the organization
Definition of metrics system (process & efficiency)
Training plan consisting of
Training for management at all levels
Training courses for each role (1200 people were trained)
Coaching for project teams (education of 60 coaches)

Advanced Software Analysis and Verification

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MALPAS example analysis.pdf162.6application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

IL has many of the characteristics of structured programming languages in common use, and is easily learnt by any moderately experienced software engineer. ... read more


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MALPAS handout.pdf23.64application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Various training courses in the technique of Static
Code Analysis and the use of MALPAS are
available through Atkins. Courses can be held at
Atkins offices or at a customer’s premises, and can
be tailored to suit the level of management and
technical detail required.

MALPAS is fully supported by Atkins under an
annual support agreement – this includes regular
product upgrades, and help with technical queries.
For further information and advice on MALPAS, to
arrange demonstrations and presentations of the
tool, or for any other queries, please contact the
MALPAS Product Manager. ... read more


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SEEC Status Presentation-August18_2010.ppt187application/vnd.ms-powerpointEnglishDOWNLOAD!

To be able to better understand the requirements of the customer, background reading is
required in the domain of the business system as well as in technical concepts relating to
hardware and software platforms, language etc. which are relevant to the system being
developed. If the customer follows a particular methodology or uses certain tools,
familiarization with them is required. When standard information and answers to closed-ended
questions are to be gathered from many users, questionnaires become very useful. Hence the ... read more

Sample Format for a Statement of Work

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SPECIFIC TASKS: Provide a narrative of the specific tasks that make up the SOW. Number the tasks sequentially, e.g., Task 1 - title of task and description, Task 2 - title of task and description, etc. Describe in clear terms, using active language, what work will be performed. The requirement must be defined sufficiently for the contractor to submit a realistic proposal and for the Government to negotiate a meaningful price or estimated cost. ... read more

Systems Engineering Process Work Book

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SEPWB-0104 sep-workbook.pdf1014.3application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Modern systems engineering processes allow for early requirements
definition to design verification effectively reducing the development
time. A number of software based tools to support requirements
capture analysis and management, concept selection, trade offs,
graphical representation of systems , simulation , system design and
virtual testing are used. The following requirements for a systems
solution integrated environment have been recognized to support
product development.

Top Ten Risks in Net-Centric Systems

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•Maintain backup plans to cope with legacy and reuse shortfalls
•Incorporate changes into your build plans–Prioritize capabilities/incrementally deliver
•Seek additional funds when changes are needed to support development of needed capabilities
•Maintain “visible”reserves to address contingencies•Do not be a good guy and do things for others for nothing
•Manage your resources tightly

Proceedings of a workshop on The Systems Practice for Managing Complexity Network

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Most organisations are facing major challenges in dealing with rapid change on a large scale. Management techniques have not always been adequate for the task of forecasting and managing processes of change in situations experienced as complex by stakeholders. Research with senior corporate people shows that the traditional skill set doesn’t go far enough in ‘managing’ complexity skills. ... read more

Requirements and specification of bioinformatics use cases

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Example RE Bioinformatics Use Cases a2-d3.pdf1391.24application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

A2-D3 summarizes the use cases and tools developed by various A2 members, which have
the potential to integrate REWERSE technologies. The described use cases cover a wide range
of bioinformatics tasks that are representative examples of the kinds of problems addressed in
real bioinformatics applications. These use cases have been selected also to be advanced and
challenging, and illustrating the need for Semantic Web technology. The use cases should not
be seen as separate stand-alone example applications, but rather as parts of a larger scenario, ... read more

BNCC Information System Problem Analysis Report

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Example Problem Analysis Report 17286214-BNCC-Information-System.pdf288.69application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

BNCC provides annual publications for its members in the form of
magazines and CD-ROMs. Since the member's fees include the cost of such
subscriptions, it is essential that each member may obtain a copy upon
request. But overproduction and unclaimed copies are not desirable, as it
incurs losses to the organization.

The system will aid in production (replication) and distribution management
of those media. For each publication cycle, it will keep records on how many
copies of the media produced, how many distributed, and the number that ... read more

ERTMS REGIONAL Operational Scenarios

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Example Operational Scenarios etcs_lc_scenarios.pdf1139.34application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Operational description:
1. The TCC receives a request to establish a safe connection set-up with a traction unit.
2. The TCC sends back the system version used.
3. Having checked if the system version is compatible with the on board system, the on board
sends the “session established report” to the TCC, including its unique ETCS identification,
train running number and an “invalid” position report referring to the last relevant balise group
stored on board.
4. The TCC checks its information stored.
5. The TCC detects the ETCS identification with position data. ... read more

Functional Requirements Specification FRS for the ERTMS/ETCS Mode

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Example FRS for ERTMS_ETCS Mode etcs_ls_frs_v3.pdf141.68application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

2. Entering and leaving LS

2.1. The on-board shall be capable to perform a mode transition from Staff Responsible
Mode, On Sight Mode, Full Supervision Mode, STM National Mode, STM European
Mode and Unfitted Mode to LS when requested from track-side.

2.2. The on-board shall be capable to perform a mode transition from LS to Staff
Responsible Mode, On Sight Mode, Full Supervision Mode, STM National Mode,
STM European Mode, Unfitted Mode and Trip Mode, when requested from track-side,
to Stand By, Isolation Mode, No Power Mode, System Failure, Non Leading and ... read more

Software Requirements Peer Review

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Example DRAFT SRS Review (Actually Design Review) 2002_12_13.pdf310.54application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

The SIU FSW shall receive and process a 1 Hz GPS 433-IRD-0001,
time message from the SC on the CTDB that provides
information on the relationship between the GPS time
hack and external time (UTC). The message shall arrive
within 500 msec of the GPS time hack. The SIU FSW
processing shall generate a mapping of external time
(UTC) to the LAT internal 20 MHz clock.

The SIU FSW shall receive and process an ancillary
data packet from the SC delivered at the SC attitude
control loop rate on the CTDB. The data content of this ... read more

Appendix D: Content Management System: Technical Platform Specification

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Example - Specification of Host Platform CMS_TPS_v1.pdf130.04application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

The PAWC IT Local Area Network infrastructure uses a 3-tier model made up
of Core layer, Distribution layer and the Access layer. The typical user
desktop is connected to the Access layer via 10/100Mbps Ethernet
connection. This in turn is connected to a dual unit in the Distribution layer
via a minimum 1Gbps Ethernet connection. The Distribution layer is
connected to the Core layer via a minimum 1Gbps Ethernet connection that
in turn is connected to Routers for connection to the WAN.

The above is the typical model however it must be noted that some sites, ... read more

EAST ADL 2.0 Specification

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This part of the specification defines the structural constructs used in EAST-ADL2. The structural view of a model focuses on the static structure of the instances of the system being modeled and their static
relationships. This includes the internal structure of such instances just like their external interfaces through which they can be connected to communicate with each other, by exchanging data or sending messages.

Additionally, data types are defined in this part of the specification for the exchanged data, and for ... read more

Comments on C4ISR Architecture Framework

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C4ISR Architecture Framework Critique hilliard-rice-c4isr97.pdf50.23application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Architecture is Situated:

Architecture, as an activity, is located within systems’ life cycles, the operational and
development environments, etc. Architectural products have multiple audiences drawn from
multiple system stakeholders. These products should relate to those stakeholders’ needs, in the
context of other products they need to do their jobs (e.g., Statements of Need, Operational
Concepts Documents, System Specifications, Top-Level Design Documents, Strategy, and
Policy Memoranda, etc.). Products also have ownership and other roles. ... read more

Architecture-based Decision Support for Capability Development

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Leveraging these advances, and coupled with the industry-based Unified Profile for DODAF and MODAF (UPDM) standard, defence architecture frameworks can now be used to integrate capability development information and examine portfolio-level issues. By using these industry standards, it is now possible to rapidly develop customised fit-for-purpose views that can be more easily understood and thereby enhance the decision-making process. This work describes our recent experiences of employing architecture-based decision support concepts in capability development. ... read more

AIM Case Study

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Engineers must be capable of handling
technology and processes.

• Lack of technical skills cause the team to
diverge from processes.

• Select a Process Support Tool that make
process execution natural rather than

• Requirements: CMMI and company needs.
• TSP life cycle and related process elements.
• Related TSP process elements (categories):
•Scripts, Forms, Specifications, Guidelines, checklists.
• Relationship between PE and CMMI practices:
•Relationship description.
•Change description.
•New process element, if necessary. ... read more

Best Practices of Using Rational DOORS at Westinghouse

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2010-06-24 Presentation on Best Practices of Using DOORS.pdf405.96application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Customers expect their contractual requirements to be met by our products and services
Nuclear regulatory requirements must be met by our design
Standards & certifications must be in compliance
Our products/services must meet these requirements before we can be paid
“Change” happens – we use DOORS functionality to manage the change for us

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