Standards from SAE International (formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers).

Experiences with SAE AADL in Safety-critical Systems

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AADL standard suite focuses on architecture-centric software-reliant
system engineering
• Industrial practitioners with pain drive standard suite evolution
• Industry sectors: aerospace/avionics, medical devices & systems, automotive
AADL is becoming a platform for formalized validation & verification of
• Annexes with well-defined semantics
© 2011 Carnegie Mellon University 17
• Static analysis, model checking, theorem provers
AADL and other standards
• System and SW co-engineering: AADL & SysML, dependability modeling ... read more


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O.3.1 Committee Position – Several years ago, GEIA expanded its annual Configuration
and Data Management Conference to embrace the systems engineering community as
well. The conference was renamed the Engineering and Technical Management
Conference to reflect this broader scope. Since it is significantly more focused on DoD
and U.S. aerospace companies interests, it attracts a large number of DoD and aerospace
community leaders and participants; i.e., the presence of DoD and uniformed military
personnel is very noticeable when compared to INCOSE events. GEIA, recognizing ... read more

Australian Systems Engineering Workshop

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The Plan to Reform Support Ship Repair & Management Practices, the “Rizzo Report”, recommended the rebuilding of naval engineering in the Department of Defence to deliver better and
more sustainable materiel outcomes The task of rebuilding was frustrated by the fact that there was no definition of the sum total of dependent and co-dependent activities that need to occur to
deliver and assure the ongoing delivery of materiel that does what it is required to do, where it is required to do it, when it is required to do it, and for as long as it is required to do it. Part of the ... read more

Lessons Learned On My Sys Eng Journey

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Very few tier 1 suppliers in the world for aircraft.
–Many interfaces to align
–Many sub-contractor efforts to define and later integrate.
-DoD start SE in 1940(s) for the development of missiles and missile-defense systems.

Assuring MMIS Integration for Shin Kori 3&4

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2011-05-26 Assuring Integration on SKN 34.pdf2123.51application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Proactive approach to integration was required due to:

Overall complexity and scope of the SKN 3&4 MMIS
Use of diverse technologies to address common cause failure
Integrated System Engineering Team established early in the project;
Integrated System Engineering Lead
Integration Process Lead
Integration leads from platforms and systems
Integration Test Lead
Westinghouse Quality Procedures now include an Integrated System Engineering Process

Safety Risk Management for Medical Devices Process and Pitfalls

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2010-08-26 Presentation on SRM for Medical Process and Pittfalls.pdf3350.96application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

The devices must be designed and manufactured in such a
way that, when used under the conditions and for the
purposes intended, they will not compromise the clinical
condition or the safety of patients, or the safety and
health of users or, where applicable, other persons,
provided that any risks which may be associated with
their use constitute acceptable risks when weighed
against the benefits to the patient and are compatible
with a high level of protection of health and safety.


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Welcome to this edition of the SESA Newsletter, and
what a bumper edition it is! I've been editor of this
Newsletter in its various forms for about 1 7 of the past 20
years of SESA's existence and I think this is perhaps the
first time that we have a President's column from the
outgoing President and one from the incoming President.
As Bob Dylan once wrote and sang, “The times they are achanging”,
and I think this is the case for SESA now.

Certainly, there have been changes in the past, some quite
significant such as becoming the Australian Chapter of ... read more

Midsummer Madness

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Midsummer Madness INCOSE.pdf311.48application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Several consequences result. One is that enterprise
concepts such as the theory of the firm, organizational
theory, and even the purpose of enterprises are being
overtaken by new concepts. Likewise practices such as
corporate structures, governance and compensation are
producing unsatisfactory results. Similarly, business
models, processes and practices as well as their
automation systems are not only obsolete but key
impediments to enterprise evolution. Finally, managers
are increasingly overwhelmed by complexity and are
"preying" on subordinates or "praying" for leadership. ... read more


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The conference theme “Systems Engineering: a focus of
European expertise” calls on attendees to discuss and
debate the challenges presented by continued use of
existing products and systems, as well as the way
forward in an era of rapid change and technological
progress. The conference will provide a forum to address
the demands arising from the innovation of novel
systems, and systems-of-systems, the integration of
tomorrow’s functionality with globalisation of technology
and business accelerates in the coming decade.

Papers are invited which can make a contribution to the ... read more

Encyclopaedia INCOSE

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Thank you to all of those who have replied to our recent
mailing reminding those who are registered on the
membership database as "Lapsed", i.e. not paid, that
payment is overdue. We also asked those who left
INCOSE why they wished to leave. There are still several
replies to come in and perhaps we can remind you to fill
in your form and post it in the reply paid envelope which
was provided.

If payment has not been made within two or three months
of the due date i.e 1st June each year INCOSE Central
Office removes you from the address list for delivery of ... read more

MG from Abingdon! Viva (from) Las Vegas!

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The character of an INCOSE international symposium
quickly asserted itself. Within two hours of arrival I had
met two other delegates from UK, and two friends from
the US who I had met at previous events and have
continued to correspond with since then. Then we met up
with one of the Australians who had just arrived with his
wife and we immediately recalled the very successful
Melbourne event last year. Many delegates at these
events attend every year and often try to bring their wives
with them. Friendships are established quickly. Partly this ... read more

Going Full Circle

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A final point about sponsorship for the AA. Sponsorship is important because it helps to minimise the financial risk of setting up a large event. One of the most important sponsorship items is the event programme. It costs between £2,000 and £3,000 to prepare 3,000 ‘glossy’ brochures, but we have found that a quality brochure is vital for attracting the attention of potential registrants and
new members. Because the brochure is widely distributed it is an excellent vehicle for publicising your
company’s involvement with INCOSE and Systems Engineering. ... read more

When Two or Three are Gathered Together

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When 2 or 3 Gathered INCOSE.pdf381.27application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

There is enough space to run 6
tutorials simultaneously on 14th May, and we are open for
full or half day offerings. If you have been wondering
whether to take the plunge then let us know as soon as
possible. You should bear in mind that there is a
remuneration package for tutorial providers, which at the
very least will help to defray expenses. Stuart Cornes has
agreed to review Tutorial proposals and select a
complementary set that will hopefully offer a broad
spectrum of choice. Please contact Stuart for more
details about the Tutorial requirements and
arrangements. ... read more

Roll Up for the Main Attraction

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Roll up for the main Attraction INCOSE.pdf234.72application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Essentially, EIA-632 manages to explain how to apply a building block technique to the multi-layered development models associated with large-scale system developments. Each building block is a system
development process that obtains its requirements from the preceding block (or at the top-most level the end customer for the system). Given that my first target is a Requirements Management Process, the main interest for me is the diagram that illustrates how requirements are related through the building block. ... read more

Brighter Prospects

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Last year 378 members either joined UK for the first time,
or renewed, making the UK Chapter of INCOSE the
second largest in the world. During last year we overtook
the second largest and at the end of last year were only
120 behind Washington Metro the most populated. It is
also encouraging to see the growth in Region 3 - Europe,
with 93 in the Netherlands, 83 in Norway, 80 in Germany,
and 59 in Sweden. The French are doing their own thing
of course, but have affiliate status, and there are around
25 members in Italy waiting for a Chapter to start up. ... read more

Business as Usual

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We are also encouraging more local events. Those held
in Bristol and Southampton have been highly successful,
and have attracted many current and prospective
members to presentations on a number of SE’s ‘hot
topics’. The great thing about local events is that, with the
support of local companies, they can provide a useful
service to members at a very low cost to all involved.
Underlying all this is the unprecedented number of
enquiries that have been received, from all quarters,
inviting involvement from INCOSE. ... read more

The Challenge 2000

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The Challenge 2000 Incose.pdf256.17application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

The other main subject for discussion was the financial
state of the Chapter. INCOSE ‘99 was a highly
successful event from the point of view of the technical
quality of the content and the number of new members
attracted. Unfortunately it was not a financial success,
and as a result the UK Chapter ‘missed-out’ on the
contribution to the funds normally raised from the UK
Symposium. Much of the Chapter’s funding has been
derived from our events, and this funding is primarily
spent underwriting subsequent events and supporting
local activities. ... read more

Better Late

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There is of course a major training initiative for DPA staff
to ensure that they understand the basis of the Smart
Procurement approach. Peter also mentioned that a
three level process guide is being developed, based on
the previous DERA System Engineering process work.
One thing that has yet to be fully explored is the question
of how industrial competition is maintained within the
Integrated Project Teams that are part of the Smart
Procurement approach. Peter made it clear that not only
was there much to do to detail the working processes, ... read more

Pick and Mix at the Autumn Event

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Pick and Mix Incose Newsletter.pdf468.48application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

Membership and Subscriptions

We have had a very good renewal rate following the end
of the year, no doubt helped by the very successful
Brighton event. Our membership numbers have kept us
in second place in the world league table of Chapter
membership numbers, but somewhat behind Washington Metro.

It is clear however, that many have not renewed their
subscriptions. Although we continue to send Newsletters
for a while we cannot do this forever due to the cost. Also
we do not like to lose you, especially if would prefer to be
a member and have a contribution to make but have just ... read more

All Things Brighton - Beautiful!

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All things Brighton Beautiful-Incose.pdf265.54application/pdfEnglishDOWNLOAD!

What an International Success! Delegates from twenty
countries, one hundred and seventy new members. The
reach and reputation of INCOSE around the world has
been given a real boost through the quality and success
of this event.

Whilst outside of the Metropole hotel ‘sunny’ Brighton
only lived up to its reputation for part of the time, within
the Metropole things were very sunny indeed. The quality
of the programme was self-evident with over one
hundred and sixty top papers and views from around the
world in thirteen panel sessions. Three plenaries, ... read more

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