Project Performance International (PPI): PRINCE2™ Project Management Methodology: a course presented over three days

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If your projects are always on time, on budget and delight your stakeholders, you do not need this course. If not, PRINCE2™ can help. PRINCE2™ is a project management methodology which is gaining considerable support worldwide. Based upon 'international best practice' project management principles, and on research by the UK government on how projects succeed (and fail), PRINCE2™ can help people successfully manage projects of any nature, size and complexity. PRINCE2™ is not software.

These seminars are provided by Project Performance (Australia) Pty Ltd and presented by Rational Management Pty Ltd. Rational Management Pty Ltd is an ATO (a training organization accredited for delivery of PRINCE2™ training worldwide by the UK Government-appointed APM Group), and endorsed by PRINCE Australia (the PRINCE2™ regulatory body in Australia, on behalf of the APM Group).

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