Data Item Description: Operational Concepts Document

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DID - Operational Concept Description
Data Item Description
Operational Concepts Document
30 October 2000


Scope of the OCD

The Operational Concept Document described herein is intended for describing the operational concepts for capabilities desired by the Australian Department of Defence.

An OCD may also be used to describe the operational concepts for a system at other stages of the system life cycle, including during development, operation and support.

Purpose of the OCD

The purpose of an Operational Concept Document as described herein is to provide information, in the users' language, on the needs and expectations for a proposed capability. It provides information on the way the resulting system will be used, the environment in which it will be used, and on those who will use it.

The OCD is a communications vehicle for informing stakeholders and potential system suppliers of the operational and support context for the capability in generally non-technical language.
It should be noted that the OCD is not a specification. It is used as a source of information for specification development, and for project planning and decision making. Specifications and statements of requirement are generally written at a lower level than the OCD, and focus on the system itself, whereas the OCD is written at the level of user needs.

The process of developing the OCD enables operational, engineering, acquisition, support, and possibly supplier personnel to improve their understanding of the user needs and expectations.

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