Def Stan 00-42: "Reliability and Maintainability Assurance Activity": Part No: 5: In -Service Reliability Demonstrations: Issue 1

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Ministry of Defence
Defence Standard 00-42(Part 5)
Issue 1 Publication Date 9 December 2005
Reliability and Maintainability
Assurance Activity
Part 5
In-Service Reliability


3.1 The publications shown below are referred to in the text of this standard. Publications are grouped and
listed in alpha-numeric order.
Def Stan 00-40 Reliability and Maintainability
Part 1: Management Responsibilities and Requirements for Programmes and Plans
Part 6: In-Service R&M (ARMP-6)
Def Stan 00-41 MOD Guide to Practices and Procedures for Reliability and Maintainability
Def Stan 00-42 Reliability and Maintainability Assurance (R&M) Guides
Part 3: R&M Case
Def Stan 00-49 Reliability and Maintainability MOD Guide to Terminology Definitions
BS 5760 Reliability of systems, equipment and components
Section 10.5 Guide to reliability testing
Compliance test plans for success ratio
BS 6001 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes

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