DI-IPSC-81431 - System/Subsystem Specification (SSS)

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The System/Subsystem Specification (SSS) specifies the requirements for a system or subsystem and the methods to be used to ensure that each requirement has been met. Requirements pertaining to the system or subsystem's external interfaces may be presented in the SSS or in one or more Interface Requirements Specifications (IRSs) (DI-IPSC-81434) referenced from the SSS.

The SSS, possibly supplemented by IRSs, is used as the basis for design and qualification testing of a system or subsystem. Throughout this DID, the term "system" may be interpreted to mean "subsystem" as applicable. The resulting document should be titled System Specification or Subsystem Specification (SSS).

This DID supersedes DI-CMAN-80008A and DI-IPSC-80690.

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