DoE vs. DoD System Engineering Application

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DOE-FM (Office of the Associate Deputy Secretary for Field Management) in support of
DOE/R L-94- I I 5, commitment 3. 7c, has reviewed Department of Defense (DoD) Systems
Engineering and Design Review Standards; MIL-STD-499B and EIA/IS-632, cognizant that the
latter interim standard supersedes the former MIL-STD, These standards have been compared
with DOE practices and applications. The Department of Energy, herealler referred to as the
Department. incorporates equivalent structured tools and techniques as appropriate to the
Department’s diverse lines of business, into the management process, The Project Management
Overview Guide (PMOG), currently under development, will be directly supported by numerous
topical guides on specific areas including systems engineering subjects. The Tank Waste
Remediation System Systems Engineering Standard (TWRS SES) is addressed in this report as an
example of a Department systems engineering field application. This report is focused primarily
on the correlation of EI.WIS-632 with project management processes that will be described in the
Project Management Overview Guide and its supporting topical guideline documentation.

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