Logical Decisions Introductory Tutorial (text extract)

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What is Logical Decisions? Logical Decisions is an organisational decision making tool. Mainly what it does is a very sophisticated process of capturing and presenting a detailed set of preferences. It assumes that a person or a like-minded group is setting the preferences. That person would decide that Butter really is more important than Guns, or vice versa. Then Logical Decisions can work through the implications of that choice for the particular data and decisions at hand. How does Logical Decisions help people think about their problems? When people think about a decision, they don't really start out with a defined hierarchy of goals, objectives and weights. For example, let's say you want to make a rational choice about buying a sports car. (Laughs.) In this case you may be thinking in amorphous terms like, "I like red, and I want a fast car," etc. Part of the usefulness of Logical Decisions is that it gives you a structure that lets you work through all of your desired outcomes.