PPA-004023-1 - Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

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The Concept of Operations (CONOPS) describes the conceptual approach to achieving an enterprise
outcome or capability, focussing on operations, as contrasted to the whole of the solution to the whole of
the problem on a life cycle basis. The CONOPS also may contain a description of solution or solution
element external behaviour (how the solution/solution element will behave, from a user's point of view, in
meeting its requirements, to the extent that the design defines behaviour more detailed than, and consistent
with, solution requirements, and ignoring internal implementation).

The CONOPS is used to communicate the conceptual solution within the solution development team, to
external stakeholders (especially to users), to independent verifiers, to acquirers of solution elements,
maintainers and modifiers, as applicable.

Alternative to the CONOPS, a System/Subsystem Design Description (SSDD) to DID PPA-003461 may be
used. The SSDD describes the whole of the architectural (conceptual) design to the whole of the problem
definition (not just the operational aspects of the problem definition). Thus, the SSDD is of broader scope
than the CONOPS. The content of the CONOPS is subsumed within this broader scope.