PPA-ME04-002235-4 - System Requirements Specification (SyRS)

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The System Requirements Specification (SyRS), or just System Specification, specifies the
requirements to be satisfied by a system, subsystem, HWCI, component or other item and optionally
the requirements for evidence that each requirement has been so satisfied. Requirements pertaining to
the system, subsystem or item’s external interfaces may be presented in the SyRS or in one or more
Interface Requirements Specifications (IRSs) or Interface Control Documents (ICDs) referenced from
the SyRS.

The SyRS, possibly supplemented by IRSs or ICDs, is used as the basis for procurement, design,
qualification testing and acceptance testing of the system, subsystem or other item. Throughout this
DID, the term “system” may be interpreted to mean "segment", "subsystem", "element", "HWCI",
component or other item, as applicable. The resulting document should be titled System Requirements
Specification, Segment Requirements Specification, Component Requirements Specification or
similar, as applicable, or a corresponding subject matter – specific name, eg. “Air Traffic Control
System Requirements Specification”, “Requirements Specification of Power Supply Module”, etc.

This Data Item Description (DID) may be cited in a Statement of Requirement (SOR), Task
Specification (TS), a Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL), within a standard invoked by a SOR
or TS, or within a plan, policy document or procedure.