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ECSS Secretariat
Requirements & Standards Division
Noordwijk, The Netherlands


This standard is intended to guide the development of Systems (including hardware,
software, man–in–the–loop, facilities and services) for space applications.
It specifies implementation requirements for the responsible System Engineering
organisation consistent with the assumption that the System Engineering process
defined in Standard ECSS–E–10–01 is to be applied.
Specific objectives of this standard are to :

a. Assist in defining, performing, managing, and evaluating System Engineering
efforts to ensure that the programme has a firm organisational basis, able
in principle to minimise technical risk due to uncertain understanding of

b. Facilitate minimisation of cost through avoidance of repeated organisational
work, conversion between different practices and dispersions due to conflicts
of interpretation of approaches to System Engineering tasks.

c. Capture the key aspects of the Space Standardization initiatives to : better
integrate requirements; implement multidisciplinary teamwork including
suppliers; establish the requirements early; establish clear measurements of
system responsiveness; focus on process control rather than inspection; encourage
risk management rather than risk avoidance; increase teamwork and

This Standard covers specifically each conventional phase of development of a
Space System, from analysis and assembly of the user’s requirements to operations
and disposal.