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To: The User Community

Subject: Standards Review of ANSI/EIA-632

The Systems Engineering Committee (G-47) of the Government Electronics & Information Technology
Association (GEIA) is considering the future of EIA Standard 632, Processes for Engineering a System.
A review is required every 5 years after the initial issuance of a standard. We can initiate activity to
revise the standard, or we can continue the standard in its present form. In order to decide how to proceed
we are soliciting your comments on the current standard. We would appreciate hearing from you
regarding the extent to which you currently apply EIA-632 in developing your system engineering
processes and, if you believe that revision to the current standard is warranted, identify specific
deficiencies or improvements that are needed. If you believe that revision to the standard is appropriate
we would also welcome your identification of a member of your organization who would be available to
participate in the review and implementation of appropriate revisions.

Referenced standards and/or methodologies