TAA-ME04-001132-1 - Software Design Description (SDD)

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The Software Design Description (SDD) describes the design of a Computer Software Configuration
Item (CSCI). It describes the CSCI-wide design decisions, the CSCI architectural design, and the
CSCI detailed design at the level of detail needed to implement the software. The SDD may be
supplemented by Interface Design Descriptions (IDDs) (see TAA-ME04-001133) and Database Design
Descriptions (DBDDs) (see TAA-ME04-001134) for descriptions of design decisions relating to CSCI
external interfaces, CSCI internal interfaces, externally input databases, externally output databases and
databases internal to the CSCI.

The SDD, with its associated IDDs any DBDDs, is used to communicate the architectural and detailed
design of the CSCI within the design team, and to design reviewers, maintainers and modifiers, as
applicable.. The SDD, if a contract data deliverable, may also provide the customer with visibility
into the design and into design maturity/progress.

This DID incorporates and adapts some non-copyrighted material contained in the Software Design
Description DID DI-IPSC-81435 issued by the United States Government