TAA-ME04-001134-1 - Database Design Description (DBDD)

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The Database Design Description (DBDD) describes the design of a database, that is, a collection of
related data stored in one or more computerised files in a manner that can be accessed by users or
computer programs via a database management system (DBMS). The DBDD can also describe the
software units used to access or manipulate the data.

The DBDD is used by the software developer as the basis for implementing the database and related
software units. The DBDD may also be used to provide the acquirer with visibility into the design,
and to provide information needed by the support agency for software support.

Software units that access or manipulate the database may be described in the DBDD or in Software
Design Descriptions (SDDs) (see TAA-ME04-001132). Interfaces may be described here or in Interface
Design Descriptions (IDDs) (see TAA-ME04-001133).

This DID incorporates and adapts some non-copyrighted material contained in the Database Design
Description DID, DI-IPSC-81437, issued by the United States Government.