TAA-ME04-001140-1 - Software User Manual (SUM)

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The Software User Manual (SUM) tells a hands-on software user how to install and use a Computer
Software Configuration Item (CSCI), a group of related CSCIs, or a software system or subsystem.
The SUM may also cover a particular aspect of software operation, such as instructions for a particular
position or task.

The SUM is developed for software that is run by the user and has a user interface requiring on-line
user input or interpretation of displayed output. If the software is embedded in a hardware-software
system, user manuals or operating procedures for that system may make separate SUMs unnecessary.

This DID incorporates and adapts some non-copyrighted material contained in the Software User
Manual (SUM), DID DI-IPSC-81443, issued by the United States Government.