UML™ Profile for Systems Engineering, Request For Proposal, Draft (January 20, 2003)

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Object Management Group

UML™ Profile for Systems Engineering,
Request For Proposal
Draft (January 20, 2003)
OMG Document: syseng/2003-01-02


This Request for Proposal solicits submissions that specify a UML™ Profile for Systems Engineering (SE). The application of UML to systems engineering is intended to support modeling of a broad range of systems, which may include hardware, software, data, personnel, procedures, and facilities.

The SE UML Profile should assist in the specification, design, analysis, and verification of complex systems by 1) capturing the systems information in an efficient and precise manner in ways that can be integrated and reused in a wider context, 2) increasing understanding of the system being designed, including the ability to identify issues and perform supporting analysis to aid decision-making, 3) communicating systems information consistently and unambiguously with stakeholders.

Referenced standards and/or methodologies