Utilize Integrated Product Teams (IPT)

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Guidelines For Meeting Management
Focus. An IPT must have a clear focus or reason for being. The OIPT Leader or PM, as
appropriate, must clearly articulate the IPT's focus at the onset of the process. Examples of a
specific focus may be to prepare for a decision milestone, to develop and reach agreement on a
proposed acquisition strategy, or to resolve a specific issue or set of issues.

Orienting the Team Members. To ensure that all WIPT members have a common understanding
of the program, the PM should provide a program overview briefing at the first meeting. Before
the first IPT meeting, the PM and his or her staff will develop a proposed program strategy,
documentation requirements and WIPT structure. These proposals will be refined by the IIPT
and proposed to the OIPT. The PM will proceed based on the OIPT's agreement. Any
disagreements will follow the issue resolution process in Figure 4. The IPT members will discuss
and agree to a meeting management approach, to include the items listed below.