DID- Communications Security (COMSEC) Anonymity Plan

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1. Reference Documents: None.
2. Format: The Anonymity Plan shall document in detail the Contractor’s plan for satisfying the requirements:
a. The plan shall be in Contractor’s format.
b. The page size shall be 8 ½” x 11” letter size paper.
c. The title page shall include the following:

• Subject of the plan or program name
• Contract number
• Security classification


1. This plan describes the Contractor’s anonymity plan and identifies the procedures to be used to ensure anonymity between the Government and the prime Contractor.
2. This Data Item Description (DID) is applicable to the acquisition of military systems and equipment.
3. This plan is required when COMSEC equipment, components and parts are acquired from sources outside the United States.
4. This DID contains the format and content preparation instructions for the data product generated by the specific and discrete task requirement as delineated in the contract.