DID- Project Planning Chart

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1. Reference documents. None.
2. Format: The chart shall be in contractor’s format.
3. Content.
3.1 Project planning chart. It shall depict actual and schedules progress for each subdivision using horizontal lines and symbols. Actual progress will be noted
by a percentage of the completion figure.
3.2 Progress of work. Subsequent additions to the work breakdown shall be made as
they occur in contract work performance. Items shall not be deleted even though work
may be cancelled or stopped before completion.



The Project Planning Chart graphically depicts the schedule and actual progress of work on a contract. This Data Item Description (DID) contains format and content preparation instructions
for the data product generated by the specific and discrete task requirement as delineated in the contract. This DID is used as a attachment to a status or progress report to illustrate the amount
of work accomplished relative to the work schedule. For fixed prices contracts, tailor out paragraphs 3.15, 3.16, and 4. This DID supersede DI-MGMT-80507A.