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Project Organisation

Nominate the Contractor position responsible for ensuring that the Project satisfies contractual
obligations and company objectives, and that it is effectively managed (i.e. the Project Owner).
Provide a diagram of the Project organisation showing all lines of management from Project Owner
downwards. Define the functions and responsibilities of the different groups which comprise the
Project team. Define the authority and responsibility of all Contractor’s Key Staff positions within the
team. Provide a brief summary of the skills, qualifications and experience of Contractor’s Key Staff
nominated for positions within the Project. List all key external organisations with responsibility for
accomplishment of contract work scope accompanied by a description of their assigned work.
Describe all internal and external reporting relationships. Define the process for all communications
with the Director and Subcontractors.



The Project Management Plan (PMP) defines and authorises the organisation, system and
procedures to be implemented by the Contractor for the management of the Contract. The content of
the PMP shall be developed using the following structure and description as a guide.