SPECIFICATION for RFT for Supply and Support of a SmartBus Route 700 ICT System

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The Public Transport Division (PTD), located within the Department of Infrastructure (DOI),
is responsible for the oversight and management of complex commercial arrangements for
the delivery of public transport services in Victoria.

These arrangements relate to the provision of train, tram and bus services throughout
Victoria by commercial operators. The expenditure on such services is some $1.35 billion
per annum. Over $3 billion of Victorian rail infrastructure assets are leased to franchise
operators of the Victorian rail services. In addition PTD has a regulatory role which
extends to the taxi, hire car and towing industry and also manages the Multi-Purpose Taxi
programme for those members of the community who are unable to access public
transport due to disability. There is a multi-modal ticketing system underpinning the
metropolitan services which is currently operated through a contract with the OneLink
consortium. The VicRoads vehicle registration, driver licensing and traffic control systems
are also key interfaces for some of the operational aspects of PTD’s functions.

Victoria’s public transport systems have undergone major change over the last few years.
This has resulted in the introduction of private operators and performance based contracts
for rail; new forms of commercial agreements which are starting to emerge for bus
services; and reform measures undergoing implementation for the taxi industry.


This document is a Specification for the Department of Infrastructure’s Request for Tender
(RFT) for Supply and Support of a SmartBus Route 700 ICT System (RFT Ref: 11177).