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You can flexibly search the names and identifiers over over 4.5GB of mainly systems engineering-related documents - for example handbooks, guides, papers and standards. SEG account holders can download these documents. The scope of the search also includes records of key systems engineering documents such as some standards and handbooks that cannot be provided for download for reasons of IP status.
Document identifier Type Title Date Author(s) Size
  8th Annual Agility Report 2019 1.15 MB
conference presentation   A modelling approach for integration of systems engineering and project/program management 2019 Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik 1.19 MB
conference presentation   Competing Definitions and Differing Understandings: E-Procurement, A Physicist’s Perspective 2019 464.94 KB
conference presentation   Design Structure Matrix (DSM) methods and its application in system engineering 2019 2.3 MB
conference presentation   Exploring Project Teams' Collaborative Behaviour in Hong Kong Relational Contracting Projects 2019 Shoeb Ahmed Memon 303.66 KB
PGCS 2019 presentation   Infrastructure Investment Program – Overview and Governance Arrangements 2019 Phil McClure 1.79 MB
  Introduction to the SysML v2 Language Textual Notation 2019 17.94 MB
Data Item Description (DID)   OMG System Modeling Language™ (SysML®) v2 Release 2019-12 2019 78.96 KB
PGCS 2019 conference presentation   Organisational Agility 2019 James Bawtree 4.56 MB
conference presentation   POWER OF MANY AND THE UNDOING OF THE MULTITUDES 2019 10.86 MB