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Each standard's page acts as a folder with rich information about a standard or methodology, and possibly many versions of its defining documents. Follow search result links to an item's focus page to find: superseded standards; cancelled, replaced, and amended documents; related standards and documents; and related organisations.
Status Sort descending Type Title Defining document(s) External resource
methodology IDEF1 Information Modeling
standard MIL-STD-1472D Human Engineering Design Criteria for Military Systems, Equipment and Facilities
standard MIL-STD-965A - Parts Control Program
standard Def Stan 00-40: "Reliability and Maintainability (R&M)"
standard ISO/IEC 15939 - Software Measurement Process
methodology IDEF1X Information Modeling
standard MIL-STD-1478 - Task Performance Analysis
standard MIL-STD-973 - Configuration Management
standard NASA-STD-2100-91 Software Documentation
methodology IDEF2 Simulation Model Design
standard MIL-STD-1521 (USAF) - Technical Reviews and Audits for Systems, Equipment, and Computer Programs
standard Def Stan 00-42: "Reliability and Maintainability Assurance Guides"
standard Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
methodology IDEF3 Process Description Capture
standard MIL-STD-1521A (USAF) - Technical Reviews and Audits for Systems, Equipment, and Computer Programs
standard MIL-STD-499A - Engineering Management
standard OMG: Unified Profile for DODAF/MODAF (UPDM)
methodology IDEF4 Object-Oriented Design
standard MIL-STD-1521B (USAF) - Technical Reviews and Audits for Systems, Equipment, and Computer Programs
standard AS 3563 - Software Quality Management System
standard MIL-STD-680
standard EEE493
methodology IDEF5 Ontology Description Capture
standard MIL-STD-781D
standard DOD-STD-2167 - Defense Systems Software Development
methodology IDEF6 Design Rationale Capture
standard MIL-STD-1528A (USAF) - Manufacturing Management Program
standard IEEE Std 1008 - IEEE Standard for Software Unit Testing
standard MIL-STD-785 - Reliability Program for Systems and Equipment Development and Production
standard DOD-STD-2168 - Defense System Software Quality Program
methodology IDEF8 Human-System Interaction Design
standard MIL-STD-1546A
standard IEEE Std 1012 - IEEE Standard for Software Verification and Validation
standard Def Stan 00-56: "Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems"
standard MIL-STD-847A
standard DoD-STD-1703
standard IDEF9 Business Constraint Discovery
standard MIL-STD-1574A
standard IEEE Std 1016 - IEEE Standard for Information Technology-Systems Design - Software Design Descriptions
standard DoD-STD-2167A - Defense Systems Software Development
methodology IDEF14 Network Design Method
standard IEEE Std 1028 - IEEE Standard for Software Reviews and Audits
standard DoD-STD-7935
standard ANSI/EIA-632 - Processes for Engineering a System
standard MIL-STD-1785A - Program Protection/System Security Engineering Management
standard IEEE Std 1042 - IEEE Guide to Software Configuration Management
standard MIL-STD-881B
standard MIL-S-52779A
standard EIA-649 Configuration Management
standard MIL-STD-1794 Human Factors Engineering Program for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems
standard IEEE Std 1045 - IEEE Standard for Software Productivity Metrics
standard Def Stan 05-57: "Configuration Management of Defence Materiel"
standard MIL-STD-882 "System Safety Program Requirements"/"Standard Practice for System Safety"
standard [DUPLICATE] Standard: MIL-STD-2168 - Defense System Software Quality Program
standard EIA/IS 632 - Systems Engineering
standard MIL-STD-1908 Definitions of Human Factors Terms
standard IEEE Std 1058 - IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans
standard Def Stan 05-61: "Quality Assurance Procedural Requirements"
standard MIL-STD-882A
standard A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)
standard MIL-STD-2155(AS) - Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS)
standard IEEE Std 1061 - IEEE Standard for a Software Quality Metrics Methodology
standard MIL-STD-882B - System Safety Program Requirements
methodology Structured Analysis and Design Technique (SADT)
standard IEEE 729
standard MIL-STD-2165 - Military Standard Testability Program for Electronic Systems and Equipments
standard IEEE Std 1063 - IEEE Standard for Software User Documentation
standard MIL-STD-882C - System Safety Program Requirements
methodology Logical Database Design Technique (LDDT)
standard IEEE Std 1220-1998 IEEE Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process
standard MIL-STD-1309 - Definition of Terms for Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
standard IEEE Std 1074 - IEEE Standard for Developing a Software Project Life Cycle Process
standard MIL-STD-882D - Standard Practice for System Safety
methodology Soft Systems Methodology (SSM)
standard IEEE Std 1220-2005 IEEE Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process
standard MIL-STD-2077 - Test Program Sets, General Requirements for
standard DOD-1679A
standard MIL-STD-961- Department of Defense Standard Practice for Defense Specifications
methodology Entity-Relationship Model
standard IEEE/EIA 12207 - Information technology - Software life cycle processes
standard MIL-STD-470 - Maintainability Program for Systems and Equipment
standard DOD-STD-1467 (AR) "Software Support Environment"
standard MIL-STD-961C
methodology Object Role Modeling (ORM)
standard US 12207 (1996+)
standard MIL-STD-471 - Maintainability Verification/Demonstration/Evaluation
standard IEEE Std 1298 - Software Quality Management System. Part 1: Requirements. Adopted From Standards Australia
standard DOD-STD-1702(NS)
methodology Natural language Information Analysis Methodology (NIAM)
standard AP-233 (Application Protocol 233)
standard MIL-STD-721 - Definition of Effectiveness Terms for Reliability and Maintainability
standard IEEE Std 14764-2006 - Software Engineering & Software Life Cycle Processes & Maintenance
standard MIL-PRF-49506
standard Specification: MIL-S-83490 - Specifications, Types and Forms
standard BS EN ISO 9000:2000
standard MIL-STD-2549 - Configuration Management Data Interface