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NASA Software Documentation Standard Appendix D

[document] Submitted on 26 December, 2009 - 00:30
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This appendix contains the specifications for the format, outline, and content of the Product Specification and rolled-out sections. Major sections of the Product Specification have been rolled-out into separate Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) using the template DID (NASA-DID-999) for purposes of clarity and manageability.

The Product Specification DIDs provide outlines for a complete Product Specification. Major sections of the Product Specification point to lower level DIDs that contain more detailed content descriptions of these major sections.

The number of Product Specifications generated does not need to mirror the number of DIDs presented in this section. Lower-level detailed DIDs provide additional substructure and contain content discussion which should be reviewed even when the content is recorded in-line (i.e., not rolled-out).

The detailed DIDs in this appendix may be used as they stand to produce separate documents from the Product Specification.

Table D-1. Product Specification DIDs (Numeric Order)

DID Number Title

NASA-DID-P000 Product Specification DID
NASA-DID-P100 Concept DID
NASA-DID-P200 Requirements
NASA-DID-P300 Architectural Design DID
NASA-DID-P400 Detailed Design DID
NASA-DID-P410 Firmware Support Manual DID
NASA-DID-P500 Version Description DID
NASA-DID-P600 User's Guide
NASA-DID-P700 Operational Procedures Manual DID

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