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Aeronautical Systems Center
Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIAA)
Air Combat Command
Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC)
Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC)
Air Force Research Laboratory
Air Force Space Command
Allison Engine Company
Armstrong Laboratory
Australian Defence Force (ADF)
Australian Defence Forces Academy
BAE Systems
Boeing Company
British Aerospace
Burroughs Corporation
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
Center for Information Technology Standards (CFITS)
CMMI Steering Group
Commonwealth Department of Administrative Services (Australia)
Cray Computer Corporation (CCC)
Cray Inc.
Cray Research, Inc. (CRI)
Cybernetics Technology Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Daimler-Benz Aerospace
Daimler-Chrysler Aerospace AG
Defence Acquisition Organisation, DGAMS, DAMS-SE
Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO)
Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
Defense Systems Management College (DSMC)
Department of Defence (Australia)
Department of Defence (Australia) Industry and Procurement Infrastructure Division
Department of Information Technology, University of Zurich
Dornier Satellitensysteme GmbH
Douglas Aircraft Company
EADS Astrium
Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)
Engineering Process Improvement Collaboration (EPIC)
Engineering Research Associates (ERA)
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS)
European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS)
European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM)
European Space Agency (ESA)
Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney
Federal Aviation Administration
GE Aerospace (GEA)
GE Aerospace, Strategic Systems Department
General Dynamics
General Electric (GE) {USA}
General Electric Company plc (UK)
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology
Government Electronics & Information Technology Association (GEIA)
Harvard University