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Status Type Title Sort descending Defining document(s) External resource
standard [DUPLICATE] Standard: MIL-STD-2168 - Defense System Software Quality Program
standard A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)
standard ANSI/EIA-632 - Processes for Engineering a System
standard AP-233 (Application Protocol 233)
standard AS 3563 - Software Quality Management System
standard BS EN ISO 9000:2000
methodology Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
standard CEI 61508
cancelled standard Def Stan 00-17: "Modular Approach to Software Construction, Operation and Test - MASCOT"
cancelled standard Def Stan 00-25: "Human Factors for Designers of Equipment": Pts 15-21 & 25
cancelled standard Def Stan 00-25: "Human Factors for Designers of Equipment": Pts 1-13
standard Def Stan 00-35: "Environmental Handbook for Defence Materiel" Pts 1 - 5 (& 6)
standard Def Stan 00-40: "Reliability and Maintainability (R&M)"
cancelled standard Def Stan 00-41: "Reliability and Maintainability MOD Guide to Practices and Procedures"
standard Def Stan 00-42: "Reliability and Maintainability Assurance Guides"
cancelled standard Def Stan 00-43: "Reliability and Maintainability Assurance Activity"
extant/interim standard Def Stan 00-49: "MOD Guide to R&M Terminology Used in Requirements"
cancelled standard Def Stan 00-54: "Requirements for Safety Related Electronic Hardware in Defence Equipment"
obsolescent standard Def Stan 00-55: "Requirements for Safety Related Software in Defence Systems"
standard Def Stan 00-56: "Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems"
extant/interim standard Def Stan 00-60: "Integrated Logistic Support"
cancelled standard Def Stan 02-8: "Guide for the Preparation of Statements of Technical Requirements for the Development of Systems and Equipment"
cancelled standard Def Stan 05-28: "NATO Guide to the Preparation of Specifications for the Procurement of Defence Materiel"
standard Def Stan 05-57: "Configuration Management of Defence Materiel"
standard Def Stan 05-61: "Quality Assurance Procedural Requirements"
obsolescent standard Def Stan 05-91: "Quality System Requirements for Design/Development, Production, Installation and Servicing"
obsolescent standard Def Stan 05-95: "Quality System Requirements for the Design Development, Supply and Maintenance of Software"
cancelled standard Def Stan 05-97: "Requirements for Deliverable Quality Plans"
standard DO-178B
standard DOD-1679A
standard DOD-STD-1467 (AR) "Software Support Environment"
standard DOD-STD-1702(NS)
standard DoD-STD-1703
standard DOD-STD-2167 - Defense Systems Software Development
standard DoD-STD-2167A - Defense Systems Software Development
standard DOD-STD-2168 - Defense System Software Quality Program
standard DoD-STD-7935
replaced standard DoD-STD-7935A - DoD Automated Information Systems (AIS) Documentation Standards
standard EIA-649 Configuration Management
standard EIA/IS 632 - Systems Engineering
standard EIA/IS-731: Systems Engineering Capability Model
standard EN 954
methodology Entity-Relationship Model
methodology IDEF0 Functional Modeling
methodology IDEF1 Information Modeling
methodology IDEF14 Network Design Method
methodology IDEF1X Information Modeling
methodology IDEF2 Simulation Model Design
methodology IDEF3 Process Description Capture
methodology IDEF4 Object-Oriented Design
methodology IDEF5 Ontology Description Capture
methodology IDEF6 Design Rationale Capture
methodology IDEF8 Human-System Interaction Design
standard IDEF9 Business Constraint Discovery
standard IEC 61508
replaced standard IEEE 1220 - IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process
standard IEEE 1498 / EIA 640 (working draft of J-STD-016)
standard IEEE 729
withdrawn standard IEEE Std 1002 - IEEE Standard Taxonomy for Software Engineering Standards
standard IEEE Std 1008 - IEEE Standard for Software Unit Testing
standard IEEE Std 1012 - IEEE Standard for Software Verification and Validation
standard IEEE Std 1016 - IEEE Standard for Information Technology-Systems Design - Software Design Descriptions
standard IEEE Std 1028 - IEEE Standard for Software Reviews and Audits
standard IEEE Std 1042 - IEEE Guide to Software Configuration Management
standard IEEE Std 1045 - IEEE Standard for Software Productivity Metrics
standard IEEE Std 1058 - IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans
standard IEEE Std 1061 - IEEE Standard for a Software Quality Metrics Methodology
standard IEEE Std 1063 - IEEE Standard for Software User Documentation
standard IEEE Std 1074 - IEEE Standard for Developing a Software Project Life Cycle Process
withdrawn standard IEEE Std 1209-1992 - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Evaluation and Selection of CASE Tools [Draft]
replaced standard IEEE Std 1219 - IEEE Standard for Software Maintenance
standard IEEE Std 1220-1998 IEEE Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process
standard IEEE Std 1220-2005 IEEE Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process
standard IEEE Std 1298 - Software Quality Management System. Part 1: Requirements. Adopted From Standards Australia
standard IEEE Std 14764-2006 - Software Engineering & Software Life Cycle Processes & Maintenance
active standard IEEE Std 610 - IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology
standard IEEE Std 730 - IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans
standard IEEE Std 828 - IEEE Standard for Software Configuration Management Plans
standard IEEE Std 829 - IEEE Standard for Software and System Test Documentation
standard IEEE Std 830 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications
standard IEEE Std 982 - IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures of the Software Aspects of Dependability
standard IEEE Std 982.1 - IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures to Produce Reliable Software
standard IEEE Std 982.2 - IEEE Guide for the Use of IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures to Produce Reliable Software
withdrawn standard IEEE Std 990 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Ada as a Program Design Language
standard IEEE/EIA 12207 - Information technology - Software life cycle processes
standard IEEE493
methodology Integration Definition (IDEF)
standard ISO 10005 Guidelines for Quality Assurance Plans.
standard ISO 15288
standard ISO 8402 Quality Management and Quality Assurance - Quality Vocabulary
standard ISO 9000
standard ISO 9001
standard ISO/IEC 12207 - Software Lifecycle Processes
standard ISO/IEC 15504
standard ISO/IEC 15939 - Software Measurement Process
standard ISO/IEC 20926 - Software engineering -- IFPUG 4.1 Unadjusted functional size measurement method -- Counting practices manual
standard J-Std-016 - Standard for Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes - Software Development - Acquirer-Supplier Agreement (Issued for Trial Use)
methodology Logical Database Design Technique (LDDT)