Tools Search Using the SETDB

The Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB) is a resource jointly developed and operated by Project Performance International (PPI) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). The SETDB helps you find appropriate software tools and cloud services that support your systems engineering-related activities. As a PPI SEG account holder, you have ongoing free access to the SETDB.

You need to be a SEG account holder to access this search. If you are a SEG account holder, please login to gain access to this search.

Search facilities are extensive, based on three taxonomies:

  • A 72-entry hierarchical Tools Category taxonomy
  • PPI’s Systems Engineering Process Element taxonomy, a foundation taxonomy that embraces the totality of systems engineering practice
  • A taxonomy of processes and topics aligned to the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook 4th Edition.

Please see the home page regarding becoming a SEG account holder.