DoD Handbook for Reliability, Test Methods, Plans and Environments for Engineering Development Qualification and Production

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4.1 Reliability test program.
The reliability test program should be integrated with other development and production tests in accordance with this handbook. The reliability tests should be selected and tailored according to the type of item and for each appropriate acquisition phase.

4.2 Integrated reliability test program.
In order to avoid duplication of test effort and to ensure that deficiencies are not overlooked, the integrated reliability test planning should define procedures which ensure that reliability data is derived from all other tests. Integrated test planning should consider a description of the test plans selected for use, the decision risks, and the environmental test conditions, and should be keyed to the program life-cycle phases.

4.3 Environmental test conditions.
The environmental test conditions to be applied during the test and their variation with time should be representative of the field service and mission environment of the equipment under test. This does not apply to ESS.

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1.1 Scope.
This handbook provides test methods, test plans, and test environmental profiles which can be used in reliability testing during the development, qualification, and production of systems and equipment.

1.2 Applicability.
This handbook explains techniques for use in reliability tests peformed during integrated test programs. Procedures, plans, and environments which can be used in Reliability Development/Growth Tests (RD/GT), Reliability Qualification Tests (RQT), Production Reliability Acceptance Tests (PWAT). Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) methods, and Durability/Economic Life Test are provided.

1.2.1 Application of Handbook.
Data provided in this handbook is typical of reliability test programs and may be specified in Department of Defense contracted procurements, requests for proposals, statements of work, and Government in-house developments which require reliability testing. This handbook is for guidance only. This handbook cannot be cited as a requirement. If it is, the contractor does not have to comply

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