DoD Handbook- Work Breakdown Structures for Defense Materiel Items

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2.2 Preparing A Program WBS.

2.2.1 Developing and Documenting a Program WBS. The program manager is responsible for maintaining the Program WBS as it develops through systems engineering and management planning processes. The WBS may span one or more of the categories or elements defined in Appendices A-H. While these elements normally provide a basis for the Program or Contract WBS, tailoring may occur when a unique requirement exists, which these appendices do not address. In addition, although each appendix relates to a specific category of defense items, any item from any appendix which is applicable to the program may be used, as long as the integrity of the level of placement is maintained.

The Program WBS should guide development early in the program’s life cycle. It will evolve through iterative analysis of the program objective, functional design criteria, program scope, technical performance requirements, and other technical documentation. The documentation should describe the entire plan to build, field, and support the system throughout its life cycle. The Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD) will be the recording document for this program plan. Ultimately, the Program WBS is approved through the Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR) plan, which describes the Program WBS to be used and defines the approach the Government activity plans to use for collecting cost data.

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1.1 Handbook Purpose And Structure.

This handbook presents guidelines for effectively preparing, understanding, and presenting a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). It is intended to provide the framework for Department of Defense (DoD) Program Managers to define their program’s WBS and also be valuable guidance to defense contractors in their application and extension of the contract’s WBS. Section 1 defines and describes the WBS. Section 2 provides instructions on how to develop a Program WBS in the pre-award timeframe. Section 3 offers guidance for developing and implementing a Contract WBS and Section 4 examines the role of the WBS in the post-award timeframe. This handbook also provides WBS definitions for specific defense materiel items in the Appendices. The primary objective of this handbook is to achieve a consistent application of the WBS for all programmatic needs (including Performance, Cost, Schedule, Risk, Budget, and Contractual). The discussion and guidance provided was compiled based on many years of lessons learned in employing WBS’s on defense programs

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