MIL STD- Software Development and Documentation

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The order of the requirements in this section is not intended to specify the order in which they must be carried out. Many of the activities may be ongoing at one time; different software products may proceed at different paces; and activities specified in early subsections may depend on input from activities in later subsections. If the software is developed in multiple builds, some activities may be performed in every build, others may be performed only in selected builds, and activities and software products may not be complete until several or all builds are accomplished. Figure 1 provides an example of how each activity may be applied in one or more builds. Non-mandatory notes throughout section 5 tell how to interpret each activity on a project involving multiple builds, A project involving a single build will accomplish all required activities in that build. Appendix G provides guidance for planning builds, determining which activities apply to each build, and scheduling these activities.

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1.1 Purpose.
The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform requirements for software development and documentation.

1.2 Application
MIL-STD-498 is intended to be applied as follows.

1.2.1 Organizations and agreements.
This standard can be applied to contractors, subcontractors, or Government in-house agencies performing software development. For uniformity, the term “acquirer” is used for the organization requiring the technical effort, “developer” for the organization performing the technical effort, “contract” for the agreement between these parties, “Statement of Work*’ (SOW) for the list of tasks to be performed by the developer, “Contract Data Requirements List” (CDRL) for the list of deliverable software products, and “subcontractor” for any organization tasked by the developer to perform part of the required effort. “Software development” is used as an inclusive term encompassing new development, modification, reuse, reengineering, maintenance, and all other activities resulting in software products.

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