MIL STD- Standard Practice for Military Packaging

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4.1 General.
Military packaging requirements shall be developed using the figure 1 decision chart in accordance with the requirements of this section, Section 5 and all Appendices herein. The developed military packaging requirements shall be documented in accordance with Appendix E and as specified on the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) (see 6.3). These requirements are generally defined by a twelve digit position-sensitive code system, as illustrated in figure A.1. Appropriate codes are drawn from those listed in Appendix J. When an item has been determined to be in the special group category, a Special Packaging Instruction shall be required, prepared in accordance with Appendix E and as specified on the CDRL (see 6.3).

4.2 Development of military packaging details and data requirements.
If this standard is cited for use and no specific military packaging details or data requirements are contained in the contract, the contracting officer shall be contacted for same. Appendix A and other applicable sections and appendices of this standard shall be used to develop detailed military packaging requirements in cases where the development of packaging data by the contractor is cited.

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1.1 Purpose.
This document outlines standard processes for the development and documentation of military packaging, as distinct from commercial packaging. This standard covers methods of preservation to protect materiel against environmentally induced corrosion and deterioration, physical and mechanical damage, and other forms of degradation during storage, multiple handling, and shipment associated with the military distribution system. A decision chart is included for developing these packaging requirements (see figure 1).

1.1.1 Definition.
For purposes of this standard, military distribution system is defined as the process(es) by which materiel, not intended for immediate use, is stored or moved within or between DoD facilities.

1.2 Application.
1.2.1 Applicability.
The requirements of this standard apply to:
a Items expected to enter the military distribution system
b. Items delivered during wartime
c. Items requiring reusable containers
d. Items intended for delivery-at-sea

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