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Tempest Control Plan

[document] Submitted on 8 January, 2019 - 16:53
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Mechanical Design:

This section shall contain a description of how materials and construction methods selected for design shall provide inherent attenuation to compromising electromagnetic (and acoustic, if applicable) emanations which shall enable the equipment(s) to meet the requirements of the tempest specification cited in the contract without conflicting with other mechanical requirements.

Specific items to be included along with an explanation for each, are as follows: Type and thickness of the metal to be employed in the construction Construction Technique(s) Compartmentalization (Red and Black) Filters and isolation amplifiers and buffers including mounting technique and type RED/BLACK consideration at equipment interface Access Windows and ventilation ports Radio frequency gasketing (R.F) Grounding concepts Mechanical design of any other factors which may affect the tempest characteristics of the

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The Spectrum control Plan describes the management and spectrum control proposed for a development program for an equipment or group of equipments. The tempest control plan is used to control and minimize potential tempest problems.

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