Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control Program Plan

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Content Requirements:

a. Describe the scope of the ESD Control program.
b. Describe the tasks, activities, and procedures necessary to protect ESD
c. Identify the organizations responsible for the tasks and activities.
d. List the Contractor and government documents which will be applied as either directives or guidance
in the conduct of the ESD control program.
e. Describe the ESD controls that shall be imposed on subcontractors and suppliers of ESDS items.
f. List the ESD protective tools, materials, and equipment that shall be used.

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This plan describes the contractor's electrostatic discharge (ESD0 control program and the controls and monitoring provisions leveled on subcontractors and suppliers to establish, implement and document, and monitor the ESD control program. The principal use is to provide the acquiring activity a basis for review and evaluation of the ESD control program for determination of contractual compliance.

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