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The SIU FSW shall receive and process a 1 Hz GPS 433-IRD-0001,
time message from the SC on the CTDB that provides
information on the relationship between the GPS time
hack and external time (UTC). The message shall arrive
within 500 msec of the GPS time hack. The SIU FSW
processing shall generate a mapping of external time
(UTC) to the LAT internal 20 MHz clock.

The SIU FSW shall receive and process an ancillary
data packet from the SC delivered at the SC attitude
control loop rate on the CTDB. The data content of this
packet is specified in the LAT section of the Data Format
Control Book (TBS), but at a minimum shall supply the
information necessary for the LAT to determine its time
correlated attitude to within the error budget specified in

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Address the following questions

– Are the flight software requirements appropriate?
– Are the requirements complete (in the context of space flight
– Are the requirements self-consistent?
– Is each requirement testable?

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