The Manufacturing Research Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology

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A unique partnership among industry, state government, and university resulted in the establishment of the Manufacturing Research Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology with the purpose of bringing university researchers in contact with manufacturing research problems faced by US industry in meeting the global competition. The State of Georgia has developed a model of providing research infrastructure in specific areas identified by a consortium established by the governor. This consortium then contracted with McKinsey and Company to identify areas of competitive advantage in the research universities supported by the state. As funds are identified, the state constructs and equips a facility to conduct research in one of these areas and assigns responsibility to the appropriate state university. The university then finds funds to support the research agenda by developing ties with industry and the federal government. The $15,000,000 facility is under construction on the Georgia Tech campus. Georgia Tech has already developed funding from DEC, IBM, Motorola, and Ford to support a research program in electronics manufacturing. Other firms appear on the verge of joining this group. A million dollar commitment over a five-year period is required.

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