Contracting for Quality EEE493 2001

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Keywords software standards

Contracting for Quality

EEE493 2001

References: DOD-STD-2167A, MIL-STD-498, ISO/IEEE 12207

Royal Military College of Canada
Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Process Standards History

DOD-STD-2167A was released on 29 February 1988 and superseded by MIL-STD-498 on 5 December 1994.

MIL-STD-498 was released on 5 December 1994 and cancelled as of June 1998.

IEEE/EIA J-STD-016 was released on 30 September 1995 as an “interim standard” and has not since been updated.

J-STD-016 is a “civilianised” version of MIL-STD-498. The two standards are virtually identical except for some wording changes.

ISO/IEC 12207

  • proposed 1988, published August 1995
  • defines a top level architecture for the software lifecycle, consisting of seventeen core processes
    • a process is defined as a set of activities
    • activities (of which there are 74) are refined into tasks
    • tasks (of which there are 224) transform inputs to outputs
  • sometimes referred to as a strategic-level standard

IEEE/EIA 12207 (June 1998)

- Also called “US 12207” for historical reasons

- Represents a “tactical” implementation of ISO 12207

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