Systems and Software Consortium, Inc (SSCI)

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Systems and Software Consortium, Inc (SSCI)

Systems and Software Consortium, Inc (SSCI) (previously Software Productivity Consortium), a non-profit organization of more than 100 companies, government agencies, and universities, develops processes, methods, tools, and supporting services that help its members and affiliates to build high-integrity, software-intensive systems. Consortium products and services support the entire development lifecycle, from requirements analysis and systems design through component-based development, automated testing, and the integration of object-oriented and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies.

The Consortium program integrates systems and software process improvement and measurement activities with proven lifecycle development and management methods for systems and software engineering. We are the leading providers of CMM®- and CMMISM-based assessments and evaluations of software and systems engineering maturity, and increasingly help our members to leverage their investments in these frameworks to also comply with ISO, Six Sigma, and other quality guidelines.

The Consortium’s measurement products and services provide guidance and support to organizations involved in measurement programs at all levels of process maturity. From the initial stages of defining and collecting cost and schedule metrics to the establishment of a quantitative management and ROI assessment program, the Consortium can provide technologies, training, and consulting expertise to help organizations achieve business objectives through a robust measurement program.

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