A Guide to Collection and Use of Past Performance Information

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Performance Assessment Elements

The mandatory DoD assessment elements for the DoD business sectors are set forth in Appendix D. Construction and Architect-Engineering sector assessment elements and ratings are established under FAR Part 36 (See Appendix E). For the Science and Technology sector, no dollar threshold has been established; nor is there a requirement to maintain an automated database. Collection of PPI for the Science and Technology sector must be limited to relevant information as determined by the Source Selection team, and must be collected at the time of the particular acquisition. Requests for PPI must be tailored to each procurement during the source selection process with emphasis placed on the expertise of key personnel. As always, contractors must be given the opportunity to comment on any adverse reports.

Annual Performance Assessment Reports
Annual performance assessment reports mustbe completed for contracts with performance periods exceeding one year and in accordance with the thresholds articulated above. These assessments must be made as close as practicable to each anniversary of the effective date of the contract. However, the agencie will determine the specific dates.
Initial Draft Performance Assessment Reports
The use of draft performance assessment reports provided to the contractor, prior to initial Government assessment, is encouraged. The reports can improve information flow and encourage dialog between the parties.

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