Capability Definition Documents Guide

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Guidance for the Preparation of the;

i. Operational Concept Document (OCD),
ii. Function and Performance Specification (FPS), and
iii. Test Concept Document (TCD).

Introduction: The process of developing the OCD, FPS and TCD has been decomposed into a series of steps. This decomposition has been captured as a hierarchy of Functional Flow Block Diagrams (FFBDs) developed in the CORE™ systems engineering tool (guidance on the terminology used on CORE™ is provided in Annex B). Each sub-section in section 5 of this guide corresponds to a function captured in this CORE model. A complete set of the FFBDs is captured in Annex D. The lower levels of this model are used at the beginning of each section to provide a “road map” of the steps. At the highest level as shown in Figure 8, the development process consists of preparation and approval for the first and second pass as per the CSLCMG, followed by refinement prior to solicitation (eg. Request for Tender (RFT) process) and management and updating through the acquisition and In-Service phases of the system life-cycle

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