Project Management and the Project Management Manual

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1.1 Introduction and Key Terms

The Acquisition Management System uses a cascaded set of requirements, direction, guidance, and practices that minimize mandatory requirements and provide balance and effectiveness while protecting the public trust. Requirements are contained in DOE Order 413.3, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets. The requirements are also addressed in this Manual and are consolidated in this chapter. The requirements, which are identified using bold text, create the framework within which the Department acquires capital assets. Supplementary information and guidance on the content and format of the various requirements is contained in Section II of this Manual.

Key terms used in this chapter include the following.
• Acquisition Strategy
• Conceptual Design Report
• Earned Value Management System
• External Independent Review
• Independent Project Review
• Mission Need Statement
• Performance Baseline
• Project Assessment And Reporting System
• Project Execution Plan
• Risk Management Plan
• Total Estimated Cost
• Total Project Cost

1.2 The Acquisition Management System

The Acquisition Management System establishes a management process to translate user needs and technological opportunities into reliable and sustainable facilities, systems, and assets that provide the required mission capability. The system is organized by phases and “Critical Decisions.” The Deputy Secretary serves as the Secretarial Acquisition Executive (SAE) for the Department. As the SAE, he promulgates Department-wide policy and direction, and personally makes Critical Decisions for Major System projects. Designated Acquisition Executives make Critical Decisions for non-Major System projects. The phases represent a logical maturing of broadly stated mission needs into well-defined technical, system, safety, and quality requirements; and ultimately into operationally effective, suitable, and affordable facilities, systems, and other end products. Figure 1-1 illustrates the overall Acquisition Management System.

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