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Hillary Sillitto, the Integration Authority Group Leader, used the opportunity of the C4ISTAR DIS and Technology Strategy Meeting, held at DPA Abbey Wood on the 22nd November 2006, to present the winners of the MODAF Challenge with their prizes. There were a variety of interpretations of the competition rules which resulted in joint winners being chosen that only partially fulfilled the initial vision of the competition. Therefore, while receiving a prize, neither received the full crate of champagne as offered, but do not allow this to detract from their efforts. The winning groups are;

• the IA7 US:UK Interoperability team
• a joint IBM/Helyx SIS Ltd team
The two teams were given the opportunity to present their results and comment on the experience of using MODAF, and the lessons learnt. The IBM submission enabled it to be established that the Rational Software Architect/Rational Software Modeler suite of tools can be added to the list of MODAF convergent tools.

The IA would like to thank all those who entered for their efforts and hope that they found entering a useful experience in further understanding MODAF and how to apply it in their everyday work.

MODAF Challenge Rules:

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