Integrated Logistics Support Process Manual (ILSPM) for the Acquisition Management System

Keywords acquisition management integrated logistics

1.1 Purpose
This manual provides guidance for achieving integrated logistics support (ILS) of agency systems, equipment, and products. It provides additional detail to logistics practitioners to supplement policy found in the FAA Acquisition Management System. Specifically, it addresses the roles and responsibilities of logistics practitioners, the products they produce or contribute to, and the procedures that apply. This manual will be updated periodically as new lessons are learned and better practices are identified. Users are encouraged to submit comments, lessons-learned, and pertinent information that may improve this document to the Acquisition System Advisory Group (ASAG). The latest version of the ILS Process Manual and all associated AMS policy and guidance are accessed through the FAA Acquisition System Toolset (FAST), available on-line at the FAST internet address:

1.2 Background
The Federal Aviation Administration adopted the Acquisition Management System (AMS) in April 1996 as the agency policy by which the FAA acquires and maintains new systems, software, equipment, facilities, and services through their lifecycle. The AMS reduces reliance on detailed policy and, instead, promotes the prudent application of guidance, best practices, and lessons learned from previous and ongoing investment programs. Per AMS Section 4.3.4, the ATO line of business is the office of primary interest for ILS policy and guidance for all lifecycle management phases. ILS policy in AMS describes integrated logistics support as a critical functional discipline that impacts product design and structures a support system for the full lifecycle of FAA products and services. The objective is a specified level of operational performance to the end user at minimal lifecycle cost to the agency for both legacy assets and new investment programs.

1.3 Scope
This manual is applicable throughout the FAA and provides a foundation for planning integrated logistics support activities for each phase of every type of investment program, including systems, software, facilities, and services. It is intended as a guide to what ILS processes and activities are to be undertaken during a product lifecycle, but does not extend into the detail of how these processes are conducted. Linkages to other critical functional disciplines and activities within the framework of lifecycle management are provided throughout the document. Pertinent agency orders and directives are identified and linkages to their content are provided as aids to completing integrated logistics support activities within the framework of a service team.

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