Model-Driven Development

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What is a Model?
• Noun: from Latin modellus, diminutive form of modulus‗small measure‘[1].
• A simplified representation (usually mathematical) used to explain the workings of a real world system or event.
-The computer weather model did not correctly predict the path of the hurricane
• The structural design of a complex system.
―The team developed a sound business model
• A praiseworthy example to be copied, with or without modifications
―British parliamentary democracy was seen as a model for other countries to follow

What is Development?
• Noun: development[2]
• The application of new ideas to practical problems
―Our development department has produced three new adhesives this year
• The active placement of the pieces, or the process of achieving it
―White's development is good, but Black's has been hampered by the pawn on e5.
• QED: An active process of problem-solving via analysis and synthesis of alternatives…

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