NASA Cost Estimating Guidebook

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Cost Estimating Working Group (CEWG):

The purpose of the CEWG is to strengthen NASA’s cost estimating standards and practices by focusing improving tools, processes, and resources (e.g., training, employee development). Membership is comprised of senior cost estimating analysts from each NASA Center. The working group is also a forum to foster cooperation and interchange in areas such as sharing models and data across Centers and implementing “lessons learned”. The CEWG meets three times a year at different NASA locations. The IPAO serves as the Chair of the CEWG. The CEWG also sponsors the annual NASA Cost Symposium Workshop which provides an opportunity for all NASA cost estimators, including support contractors, to present technical briefs on topics such as the status of cost model development, case studies, lessons learned, and other cost analysis research areas. A recent Point of Contact (POC) list for the CEWG is located in Appendix E.

Cost Analysis Offices (CAOs):

The CAOs at each NASA Center provide analysis, independent evaluations, and assessments of Center programs and projects, including programs delegated to the Center as lead Center. Organizationally, many of the CAOs are located in the System Management Office (SMO). Some CAOs are intrinsically tied into technically oriented technology assessment at component, sub-system, system and architecture levels to perform cost and project assessments. Other CAOs are located under the Center’s CFO, Resource Management Office (RMO), or Business Management Office (BMO). Although the functions and responsibilities of the CAOs may vary slightly from Center to Center due to differences in the mission and organizational structure, their role is generally to:
• Serve as the Center’s focal point for independent cost estimating and analysis for programs and projects,
• Support NARs, IARs, and IAs of Center programs and projects,
• Ensure that programs and projects develop and implement management practices, policies, processes, and procedures that are consistent with the NPG 7120.5, NASA Program and Project Management Processes and Requirements,
• Promote the use of advanced project management analytical tools and processes for improving cost, LCC, and schedule estimating and analysis capabilities,
• Maintain contacts with the cost estimating offices at other NASA Centers (through the CEWG and other forums) to coordinate and promote consistent cost and schedule functions, processes, approaches, and analyses across all NASA Centers, and
• Provide cost analysis expertise to the IPAO to support independent reviews as requested.

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