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To be a higher-performing organization, the Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center (SSC) San Diego (or the Center) needs to strive consistently toward the Center Vision of being the pre-eminent provider of integrated Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions for warrior information dominance. To do this, we need to consistently provide quality products and services. This is true whether we are performing research, serving as a consultant, acquiring or developing systems, or supporting fielded systems. We must ensure that we consistently deliver innovative and quality products and solutions on time, within schedule and budget constraints, and with minimal risk.

To provide integrated C4ISR solutions, we need a common culture of systems engineering and project management practices that reaches across all technical codes. Having a common culture provides for common approaches to systems engineering, project management, and execution that facilitates easier interfaces among systems and projects.

This Project Management Guide provides project managers at SSC San Diego with the vision, information, resources, and activities to successfully plan, execute, and control projects. Adopting a standard set of technical, engineering, and management work processes, best practices, and a common approach to project management, will help accomplish this. This requires commitment from all management levels, as well as the implementation and use of standard processes and tools by project management. This Guide assists the project managers in:
• Establishing the project and empowering the project manager
• Planning and scheduling project activities
• Applying engineering and management best practices
• Monitoring and controlling progress and managing risks
• Supporting the successful transition of the product or service.
It is expected that, over time, this Guide will be modified to reflect changes in best practices and Center requirements. The Center will provide appropriate training to assist the project manager in implementing this Guide.

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