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SysML Overview

[document] Submitted on 24 March, 2017 - 15:16
Keywords SysML Systems Modeling Language (SysML)


• Systems Engineers need a standard language for analyzing, specifying, designing, verifying and validating systems
• Many different modeling techniques
-Behavior diagrams, IDEF0, N2 charts, …
• Lack broad-based standard that supports general purpose systems modeling needs
-satisfies broad set of modeling requirements (behavior, structure, performance, …)
-integrates with other disciplines (SW, HW, ..)
-adaptable to different SE domains
-supported by multiple tools

Why UML for SE?
• De facto standard for software engineering
-Tools and training are widely available, mature
• Extensible and adaptable to support SE requirements
-Not just for software modeling.
-Wide lifecycle, including logical specifications and deployment.
-Behavior models with virtual machines.
-More than pictures: Includes a repository model/API and XML interchange.
• OMG standardization process supports UML customization for specific domains (e.g., systems engineering)

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